Davelis’ Cave | Attica

The Davelis Cave is located on Mount Penteli, situated northeast of Athens. Its highest point is the peak Pyrgari, with an elevation of 1,109 m (3,638 ft).
The cave’s name comes from the widely held belief that an infamous 19th century brigand called Davelis used the cave as a hideout and that he hid his treasure inside it.

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St Haralampos, Ilissia | Athens

In 1909, at the initiative of Queen Sofia, reforestations were organized to “afforest Attica”. Among the planted areas was what is now called the Syggrou Park in Ilisia
which covers a surface of 15 hectares in the heart of Athens . In 1929, the Forestry Office of the Ministry of Agriculture was established within the small woodland. For a long time the site had been occupied by military huts. In 1948, the new building of the Institute of Forests was constructed and expanded in 1972.

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Leonidio weaving & embroidery | Peloponnese

One of the projects we arranged was for the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union to various locations in the Peloponnese and Athens. The theme was getting acquainted with local artisans and folk and traditional crafts.
We chose Leonidio which is one of those areas where tradition is preserved due to its geographical isolation.

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